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Lenovo has purchased Motorola at the beginning of 2014 and later that year, but the new owner didn’t make radical design changes to the three important Moto models: X, G and E. In 2015, the Moto X (Pure Edition and Style) and Moto G (third edition) came with a similar appearance, featuring a new texture on the back and a new vertical strip at the top center. Now, everyone eagerly waits to see what visual changes will be made to the next models, and if the leaked images of prototypes of the two upcoming devices are real, then you should prepare yourselves for a big surprise.

A few days ago, hellomotoHK has published images of some prototypes of phones what appear to be part of the Moto family and judging by the shape of their bodies, they’re most likely the upcoming Moto G and Moto X, but this time, Motorola will be using a different material for their backs. So, good bye plastic, hello full body Moto devices, which will be slimmer and sleeker, but now it’s too early to imagine how the final product will look like.

One thing’s for sure: the M logo is present on the back, and this will make happy many fans who were confused by Lenovo’s announcement to phase out the Motorola brand on the upcoming smartphones. It seems that everything was misinterpreted, because Lenovo was trying to say that the company will focus on the “contemporary” Moto brand.

In the leaked images, the metallic units are available in multiple colors, which makes us think that Motorola is continuing the Moto Maker program and the users will have the option to customize their devices according to their preferences. Also, we’ve noticed the hole for the vertical camera module is still present, the dimple is also there and at the top and bottom, the shell is curved.

However, in addition to the Motorola logo, on the bottom of one of the back plates was noticed Lenovo’s logo.