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LG G5 will be released in less than two weeks’ time on February 21, a day before the main MWC 2016 show begins in Barcelona.

Usually, major tech companies use this event to take to the stage and showcase their latest creations in the gadgetry world. However, LG and Samsung have different plans in mind. The two will be holding separate events before the main event kicks off, with the latter bringing in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge while the former will be debuting the LG G5.

So, is LG G5 ready to take on the big names in the smartphone industry? Let’s find out more.

LG G4’s successor

Usually, smartphone companies build on the success as well as failures of current flagships to build even better phones to succeed them. Last year it was the chance for LG G4 to shine. Even though this phone was a cool one, it only improved on the capabilities of the previous LG G3.

The G4 has a Quantum Dot screen display that is brighter, vivid and a lot easier to the eyes, especially when compared to the G3. As far as camera matters are concerned, this device stole the show with its 16MP rear snapper that came in with some of the best software available today. So, what about the LG G5? Will it try to improve the offerings on the G4 or will the South Korean tech giant come in with a refreshed smartphone?

A new design language for LG G5

Renders have been doing rounds regarding the proposed look of this device and if they are to be believed, it seems the company is changing the design language of the G5. In fact, we might get to see some of the excellent work the company did with last year’s Nexus 5X.

LG has some unique designs for its smartphones, but it is obvious that they are not bringing significant success to the company. A change to a newer design might just be what the company actually needs. Word has it that the leatherback is no more and instead, LG G5 will come with a slicker back that looks and feels minimal. In this line, expect a metal unibody design for the G5 as well as thickness of about 8.2 mm.

Photography will be much better

While the LG G4 was praised as one of the phones with the best cameras so far, it seems the company wants to build on this and come with a much better snapper on this year’s flagship. Renders show that the phone has two cameras on the rear and a fingerprint scanner like the one on the LG V10. There is debate on whether the two rear-facing snappers will be of 16MP or 21MP. However, LG might settle for a 21MP lens on one camera and maybe 16MP or even 8MP on the other camera.

Processing power

The processor is what determines the performance power of your phone and given the current offerings, we expect LG G5 to make use of the latest Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm. Last year the G4 took the older Snapdragon 808 thanks to the fact that Snapdragon 810 had been reported to have overheating issues. This is the same reason Samsung snubbed the chip maker in favor of its own Exynos chipsets as far as the Galaxy S6 series is concerned.

Further inside you will come across a RAM of either 3GB or 4GB

Replaceable battery and microSD card slot available

Last year, Samsung made headlines when it unveiled Galaxy S6 series of smartphones without the usual replaceable battery unit as well as a microSD card slot. However, LG retained these features on its G4. While many attributed these changes to the change in design of the Galaxy S6, the same is also happening with LG G5’s design, but there is no change as far as the replaceable battery unit and expandable storage are concerned.

LG will install a 2,800mAh unit in the device as well as equip it with USB Type-C charging.

Still, we are yet to confirm any of these reports for they are based on rumors, leaks and speculations. However, we expect to know what this device is really made of when it is officially unveiled on February 21.