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Instagram for iOS has now received an update that millions have been waiting for – the ability to switch between two or more accounts without the need of logging out of the current one.

This is great news for those persons who own more than one Instagram account on their iPhones. With the new ability, it means users will say goodbye to logging out and in again when they want to maybe get a photo from a different account.

Android users were the first to spot this ability on the app during tests that begun somewhere in November last year. However, reports started surfacing last week that the iOS version of the photo and video sharing app is also under the same tests.

In a move that aims at making the matter public, the Facebook-owned application has announced that it is official. Users of its iOS app can now use more than one account on their installed app, just like what the Gmail app offers its users.

How to enable Instagram multiple-account switching

It’s actually very easy to switch from one Instagram account to the other. However, don’t be surprised to find out that your version of the app doesn’t yet offer this ability. At the moment, the feature is being rolled out slowly, so, just relax and you will soon have it. In case you already have it, here’s how to jump from one account to the other and maybe back.

Instagram 7.15 for iOS is the latest version that you need to download and install from the iTunes App Store if you want to access this feature. Once you have the app ready, open the profile tab and tap on the Settings icon. When in there, start scrolling down until you see the “Add account” option. As mentioned earlier, you might not come across this option on your phone – it is because the update hasn’t reached you yet, but it will.

Go ahead and add your other Instagram account to the app and that’s it. Remember, the maximum number of accounts the app allows is five.

Switching between multiple accounts

To switch between multiple accounts on Instagram for iOS is extremely easy. Once you have added the second and maybe third account on the app, find the profile tab and tap on the profile name that appears at the top of the display screen. Follow this by tapping on the name of the account you want to switch to and that’s it.

You might be asking yourself questions regarding notifications from your multiple accounts. Well, what the app does is simply bundle the entirety of these notifications into one group where each notification has an indication of the account it is meant for.

Do you already have this feature on your Instagram app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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