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Facebook for iOS app has been discovered to be one of the most battery consuming applications for iPhone users.

This is not the best news for many as they rarely get their eyes off this application during the most part of their day. However, if you have been regularly charging your iPhone after heavy ‘Facebooking’, you now have a reason for the cause of this quick battery drain.

With the poor battery life most iPhones have, using an application that adds to these woes only worsens the experience of using this gadget. The company has last year October promised that it will be fixing the technical issues facing its iOS app as far as battery life is concerned, but it seems nothing has materialized just yet.

According to the latest reports from the Guardian, it seems using the Facebook for iOS app on your iPhone has serious detrimental effects on the gizmo’s battery life. So, what now?

The Facebook for iOS app is actually one of the few ways you can use to access Facebook on your mobile phone. Other than this option, one can do so using the official browser platform. For iOS users, making use of the default Safari Web browser is the trick here as according to the tests done; you will have an additional 15% of battery juice. The surprising part of this revelation is that the increment comes even with continued usage of the phone as usual, only that there is no more using the Facebook for iOS app.

This is the same story that Android users are facing. The application also drains more battery life as opposed to using, say, Chrome Web browser to access the service on your phone. Tests ran  by the Guardian also revealed that Android users can get an extra 20% of battery juice by uninstalling this app and instead using the web browser version.

Battery life issue might be associated with past Facebook problems

In the past, Facebook has had a share of its own spoils as far as the iOS app is concerned. Problems such as CPU spin issue and video playback problems were identified as possible contributors to the huge battery drain the app causes to the iPhone, however, these issues were fixed towards the end of last year.

At the moment, it is not clear whether the current battery issues related to the Facebook for iOS app can be linked to these past issues, but we hope that the company will come in and take care of this problem as fast as possible.

At the moment, you will want to uninstall the app from your phone and instead pin a shortcut of the web page on your phone’s home screen for easier access.