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Because WhatsApp is without a doubt a very popular IM app, we’ve stacked up a short list of some of the best WhatsApp tips to ease your experience.

  1. Retrieve erased messages

If you’ve managed to erase messages before the automatic backup WhatsApp uses, there is a way you can retrieve them. You will need to:

  • Uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp,
  • Write your mobile number into the app, at which point WhatsApp should let you know that the backup has been found,
  • Click Restore and you should get all of the previously erased messages back.
  1. WhatsApp chat history can be transferred between devices

If by any chance you’ve failed to receive the Google Drive backup, you can also move all of your history to a new smartphone, you will need to:

  • Insert the SD card into the new device that has WhatsApp set-up,
  • In WhatsApp, head on to Settings, next Chats and calls and Back up chats,
  • Take the SD card out of the device and insert it into the other one,
  • Set-up WhatsApp on this device,
  • WhatsApp should be able to recognize the backup and prompt you to restore it.

3 Bulk your private messages

Use the Broadcast feature as it can be quite useful if you want to send a group message without the whole gang being able to see who else is reading the same message.

  • click Options (look for the three dots) and then New broadcast,
  • Type the names of all the friends you are planning to send the private message to,
  • Next click create, compose the message and send away.
  1. Make WhatsApp private

Some like to have their WhatsApp private, so feel free to use a security application to enable a password, you could give AppLock a try as it is a top-rated app.

  1. Switch the font size

Want to change the font size and don’t know how? You will need to:

  • While in WhatsApp, tap the options knob and then Settings
  • Click Chats and calls,
  • Select a Font Size.
  1. Mute WhatsApp group chats

Why quit a group chat just because you don’t like X or Y? Simply hit the mute knob instead.

  • Click the Chats tab while in the app,
  • Then click the group you wish to silence,
  • When the group is open, click the Options prompt, then hit Mute and choose the time frame.