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The Web client was added a year ago to the Android version of WhatsApp and at that time, it supported only three browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera. This feature allowed the users to log into their accounts using a computer running on Windows, so they can chat freely with a physical keyboard. Internet Explorer was not supported and when Microsoft has launched Windows 10 with the new Microsoft Edge browser, it wasn’t supported either. WhatsApp’s developers have finally made the web client compatible with these browsers and the users can log into accounts by scanning the QR page from

WhatsApp is not the best messaging application on the market, but it’s surely the most popular one, especially that it’s owned by Facebook, who bought it in February 2014. The first thing that the new owner did was to release the voice calling feature that has been available for a while on rival applications such as Skype and Viber. In the same period (February 2015) was released the web client for Android and we’ve told you what the three supported browsers were. Later, was added Safari for iOS, while the BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone users were able to run only Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The users needed to open the WhatsApp application on their smartphones, go to Settings, find WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code from using the device’s camera. After the code was recognized by the application, on the screen of the computer appeared the web version of WhatsApp.

A few days ago, a Reddit user has published a post titled “WhatsApp Web now works in Microsoft Edge without having to change the user agent to Chrome or Firefox”. However, some of the users replied and said that the feature isn’t working on their devices. One of them complained that “it’s still not working with Edge. For some reason it thinks you aren’t on Edge. But if it thinks you are on Edge it will still refuse to work.”

WhatsApp’s representatives haven’t commented anything on this matter, yet.