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The MWC 2016 show is just days away and everyone is undoubtedly excited about it. This is true because some of the biggest names in the handset industry will be announcing their next line of flagships.
Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to dominate the highlights, but could this mean Sony is also planning on releasing the new Xperia Z5 during the same event? While Samsung has confirmed its attendance, there is no word on the release of this device from the company, apart from the usual leaks here and there. LG has also made it clear that the G5 will be unveiled during this event, but no word has come from Sony.
Just like word has been getting out regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, the same has also been happening for the Sony Xperia Z6. So, what will it take Sony’s Z6 to eclipse Samsung’s Galaxy S7 as the better model in 2016?
Pricing and release date
As mentioned above, Samsung will be at the MWC event. It will also be holding a “special press event”, a day earlier, on February 21, which is when we expect to see the Galaxy S7 for the first time. For the public, you will have to wait until somewhere in mid-March, but rumors are pointing to Friday 11.
There is also word that Sony will unveil the Xperia Z6 during this same event, but the company has not confirmed this. Nonetheless, we expect these two to come at a similar pricing, somewhere around $780.
Design and display quality
Samsung is expected to keep the superb design it debuted with Galaxy S6. The same is also happening with Sony, which means a design similar to the premium Xperia Z5 will again be coming soon.
As far as the display is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature a 5.1 inch screen with a superior pixel density of 576ppi. The company will keep on its trend of “borrowing” from Apple, this time coming in with ClearForce. This is the same technology that Apple uses for its 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6S.
Sony Xperia Z6 will keep its predecessors’ 5.2 inch screen size that has dominated quite a number of its latest models, but with a lower pixel density of 424ppi. Unlike the previous version which came in with three variants, there is word that Sony might, this time, increase the number to five, with additional Mini and Ultra variants joining the party. However, these are just speculations and nothing has been confirmed yet.
Performance, camera and battery life
Samsung is expected to go back to using two different processing units, depending on the regions the device is being shipped to. U.S. variants of the Galaxy S7 will come with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, while those going to Europe and other regions will carry an Exynos 8890 chipset. On the other hand, Sony will make use of the latest Qualcomm chipset on the Xperia Z6.
Sony is known for its superiority when it comes to photography. In fact, the tech giant is responsible for quite a number of sensors found in several flagships, including Samsung’s. The Xperia X5 was just superb, when it comes to camera matters, and this is expected to improve even further with the new gadget.
While both companies might decide to keep the same cameras on the upcoming flagships, there is word that Samsung might drop the 16MP it used in the Galaxy S6 in favor of a new 12MP sensor that boasts its own Britecell technology. Despite the smaller number of pixels, the snapper will come with a much better f/1.7 aperture to allow improved photography on the S7.
With battery life becoming a main concern for smartphone manufacturing companies, it is believed Samsung will be adding more capacity to the Galaxy S7’s battery unit. Unlike last year, expect to get a 3000mAh non-removable battery unit. Don’t expect the same from Sony as it has favored smaller units since the days of the Z2.
So, which of these two flagship phones would you go for if released this coming MWC 2016?