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WhatsApp is evolving slowly and it’s becoming the most popular and used application in the world. It’s owned by Facebook, the company that bought it back in February 2014, for the sum of 19 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg has recovered its investment fast, as the number of active users was increased from 600 million to 1 billion and now that the annual fee of $0.99 has been removed, more people will register to WhatsApp, being lured by its attractive features. One of the latest additions is the possibily to add up to 256 members in a group chat. Until now, the group chat limit was 100 members, but version 2.12.13 (iOS) and v2.12.437 (Android) has pushed the limit to 256 users.

For now, only the iOS and Android versions of the application are benefiting from this new feature, but soon, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and the rest of platforms will receive it as well.

But, a more important change is the removal of the $99 annual subscription fee, which the users had to pay after the free trial period of 1 year expired. It seems that the developers of WhatsApp have other plans and they’ll make money by allowing businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers. It’s not sure how this will work, but the B2B strategy will surely be advantageous for the WhatsApp users.

Recently, the application has reached a new milestone, as it surpassed 1 billion active users. According to the latest stats, every day, the users send 42 billion messages, 1.6 billion photos, 250 million videos and there are over 1 billion groups.

One of the upcoming features will allow users to integrate their Facebook account with WhatsApp, and this intention was hinted in the version 2.12.413 for Android. It’s not sure when the voice calling feature will be added, because after we’ve seen the leaked image of an Android device that was in the middle of a video call with someone, the internet has been quiet.

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