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Apple has unveiled a second beta of the new iOS 9.3 and the new version brings quite an amazing addition to the volumes to those who own an iPad Pro tablet.

According to the latest reports, the new iteration will allow the users of this tablet download updates of certain accessories’ firmware with the help of a Smart Connector. This is great news for those who own several accessories that can be used with the iPad Pro, for instance, a keyboard.

The new iOS 9.3 beta reportedly prompts the users to update the firmware of some of the accessories used on the iPad Pro; for instance, a Logitech Create keyboard, Cult of Mac revealed. What this did, the report added, was to basically take care of common lag issues the keyboard experienced previously, as well as deal with dropped keystrokes. The good thing is that these updates take a very short while to complete.

A decent surprise

As it seems, the Smart Connector is something that Apple has only given out a fraction of its capabilities. The Cupertino tech giant has on previous occasions advertised this device’s ability to transmit data and power; however, it seems it forgot to mention that it is possible to update firmware of other gadgets through it.

Other features included in the new beta version include advanced options for 3D Touch, the Night Shift mode as well as individually encrypted notes, among others.

This new iOS 9.3 beta was released on Wednesday and it currently available for downloading on all compatible iPads and iPhones, however, being a beta version, it is still unstable. As a result, it is advisable that you sit back and wait for the stable version to be unveiled in a few weeks’ time or maybe less.