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Android notifications menu in many users’ devices fills up so fast.

This occasionally happens suchthat at times the users shut it down or simply delete the notifications without having to look at them.

Sometimes you are held up in doing something else, and the notifications show up on your panel. Instead of reading the notifications, you simply drag them to the trash bin or simply clear the list. Later on, you realize that you did away with something important or even just want to get systematically the notifications and get a deeper insight into them. There is a way that you can get back the deleted or lost notifications on your Android smartphone.

Trick only applicable in Android 4.3 Jellybean and above

Unfortunately, the notification log where the deleted or lost notifications can be viewed only available in later Android versions as from v4.3 Jellybean. This trick may not be useful to the old school Android users. If you are still using the older versions, it is high time you upgrade to latest ones as trending features and tricks are mostly and widely applicable to the newer systems. The latest Marshmallow is only in a few high-end devices, thus hard to come by.

Recovery process

Back to the procedure; on your phone’s home screen, long-press on any space and then tap on “Widgets”. Swipe left across the screen till you get the “Settings shortcut” widget. Long-press on this widget until available home screens appears; drag the “Settings shortcut” widget to any homescreen that you wish. Dragging this widget to any homescreen automatically opens the “Settings shortcut” menu. Scroll down to “Notifications” and tap on it.

Once tapped, a shortcut for the notifications log will be created on the home screen. A tap on this “Notifications” shortcut will give the history of your notifications. In the given list, active notifications are in white whereas closed notifications are in gray. Tapping on a particular gray notification will take you to the notification source. Remember that, it only shows you the source, and you can as well be able to track the content of the notification if it is not deleted.

Once you have the source, you can get the content the notification was all about if not deleted. This trick will help you track history of your apps’ notifications that at times you rarely check.

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