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Google has revealed some amazing stats about its Cardboard headset sales, claiming that it has parted ways with over 5 million units already.

In addition to this, the search engine giant says that the Play Store has seen more than 25 million virtual reality apps downloaded so far.

With such stats on a technology that is very young in the market should send a signal to you. Does it mean that VR is the next big thing in the mobile world?

No one can deny the fact that VR has come a long way and in the recent past, its growth has been aggravated by the sudden interest in this field by major companies, among them Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Google Cardboard was the first VR headset to hit the markets

Google can be termed as the pioneer of VR on the basis that it is the owner of the first VR headset to be released to the world. The Google Cardboard was unveiled about a year and a half ago and even though the company priced it at a lower price maybe to attract more buyers, it seems this scrappy plan has worked.

The company has released figures of how this device is doing in the VR world, figures that can be shocking to many. As noted at the beginning, there are over 5 million Google Cardboard headsets out there; a figure the company says does not include those who made their headsets. Furthermore, more than 25 million VR apps have been downloaded from the Google Play Store, with the company reporting that 10 million of these were downloaded between October and December 2015.

YouTube leads the way

It seems most of the people who have purchased VR headsets use them to watch videos on Google’s YouTube. This is according to the stat that more than 350,000 hours of VR watching have been recorded on the video sharing app. Furthermore, the company says that the headset has so far captured more than 750,000 VR photos.

Google launched the Expeditions program back in 2015 and since then, the company says that more than half a million students have attended the program. With the next Google I/O fast approaching, we expect to see more of this Cardboard come in, probably a second gen model.

Do you own a Google Cardboard headset?