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SimilarWeb is a data analytics company that reveals the most popular Android applications in the US and released a new data for January. So, after increasing 7,525 places, King’s Candy Crush Jelly Saga has reached the first position in the chart, because at the beginning of February, it was installed on 2.16% of the Android devices, being downloaded every 7 minutes and 29 seconds, on average.

According to the January charts, the second place is occupied by Google Opinion Rewards (where users answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits), being followed by Color Switch (a game where the players tap the ball through each obstacle, following a color pattern on each obstacle in order to cross it), World Chef (a game for the cooking enthusiasts), KONAMI Slots – Free Casino (a game where the players earn loyalty points for hotel stays, cruises, meals etc.), IRS2Go (the official application of the Internal Revenue Service), Turbo Tax Return (an application for doing taxes anytime, anywhere, on a mobile device), Bleach Brave Souls (an app which offer information on the characters and gameplay, and videos from the game) etc.

Samsung Pay and Walmart occupied the first and second place in the top negatively trending apps and most likely, people used them rarely last month because they ran out of money at the end of the holiday shopping season. Yahoo Fantasy Sports and ESPN Fantasy Football suffered also a decrease of popularity because of the NFL season, coming in third and fourth place, after Samsung Pay and Walmart.

Joseph Schwartz, digital insights manager at SimilarWeb had a statement and he said that “Candy Crush Jelly Saga continued its success story at the start of 2016, exciting fans in the way both previous games have in the past. However, January saw shopping and fantasy sports taking a backseat as we became more focused on slightly more prosaic matters like looming tax return deadlines.”