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If you thought WhatsApp is an application that can be used only for chatting and making voice calls, then you haven’t tried out all of its features. There are many hidden features that need to be enabled, but most of the users don’t even know they exist until they explore the application in depth. Now that the $0.99 annual fee has been removed and the application has surpassed 1 billion active users, we’re pretty sure that the developers will continue to add new features, such as the video calling. But, until then, here are some of the hidden features of WhatsApp that you should know about.

Wi-Fi Calling

If you’ll look in the top right-hand corner of a chat window, you’ll notice a dialer symbol on which you’ll tap in order to make a voice call over WiFi, instead of using the voice minutes included in your cellular’s plan.

Check If Your Sent Message Was Read

There’s a grey check that appears after you send the message, two grey checks will inform you that the message has been delivered and if you see two blue checks, it means that the message was read by the recipient. In Android, you have the possibility to find out when your message was sent, by tapping and holding on it, until the Info option pops up. In iOS, you’ll need to tap and drag the sent message to the left.

Backing Up Chats

No matter if you’re just being cautious or you’re planning to move to a new phone, it’s better to backup your chat history either to a cloud service or using a microSD. In iOS, you’ll go to Settings>Chat Settings>Chat Backup and choose to back up the chat now or you can enable Auto Backup to iCloud. In order to back up chats in Android, you’ll go to Menu>Settings>Chat Settings>Backup conversations. After inserting the microSD card to the new phone, you’ll reinstall the application and select Restore when prompted.

Protecting Chats With A Passcode

If you don’t want your friends to take a peek at your conversations while you’re leaving your phone on the table for a few minutes, there are third party applications, such as Messenger and Chat Block, AppLock or Smart AppLock (Android), WhatsApp Locker (Windows Phone), Lock for Whats Messenger (BlackBerry) which allow you to enable a password or PIN.

Stopping Auto Downloading And Saving Of Media Files

Everytime a user sends you a photo or a video, by default, the file is automatically saved to the Camera Roll (iOS) or Gallery or Photos app (Android), consuming your mobile data and filling your internal memory. This option can be disabled by going to Settings > Chat Settings, where you will toggle off “Saving Incoming Media”.

Muting Group Notifications

When too many members of a group chat start sending message, it’s extremely hard to keep up with all of them. You will continuously receive notifications, distracting your attention or just annoying you. So, muting group notifications is the best solution and in iOS, this can be done by opening the group chat, tapping the subject and when the Group Info screen appears, tap Mute. In Android, you will open the chat, then tap the Menu button and then the Mute option. You can choose to turn off notifications permanently or for a time period.