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Uber is an application used by mobile device users who need a car to pick them up and take them to a location. Some people are old fashioned and call for a taxi, but they wait, and wait, and the cost of travel can be quite high. With Uber, in Australia, for example, the person is picked up in 4-5 minutes, while a taxi will arrive in 8 minutes. However, these statistics have not been accepted by Australian Taxi Industry Association chief executive Blair Davies, who said that the report is only a “marketing document” and he attacked Uber, saying that even if the customer who calls for a taxi, on a busy night the car might show up after 45 minutes, but at least it will arrive eventually.

After being released in Australia, this service has operated illegally until the government accepted it, being legalized in the ACT and NSW, but not yet approved in Victoria. UberX, one of Uber’s main car services, will be legalized in Western Australia in short time, then later this year in Queensland. UberX is legalized in many places and until now, people ordered UberX rides over 10 million times using the smartphone application. So, what are the advantages of using Uber?


Of course, Uber is cheaper as according to Deloitte’s report, a trip in Sydney cost $22.44 and $6 more with a taxi, while in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, the customers have saved $4, $7.50 and $5. Overall, the total saving while choosing UberX over taxis is $31 million/year, which is very convenient.


Uber is doing a rigorous background check of the candidates who apply for a job as a driver, in order to prevent future incidents with their customers. “The Uber application may remove anonymity, thus reducing an incentive to commit crime and allowing ease of reporting of any incidents,” was specified in the report. One of the most appreciated features is “share my ETA”, which allows the customers to share their journey in real time, so their friends and family will know where they at. Also, Uber doesn’t hire people under 21 and who don’t have a driver’s license.