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The iPad Pro was nothing like the other tablets that Apple has released, as it came with a larger screen and a more powerful processor, whose performance was boosted by 4GB of RAM. In parallel, Apple has released the iPad Mini 4, which is more like a smaller Air 2 and it didn’t sell very well because people prefer to buy the iPad Mini 2, which has half the price of the Air 2. Apple refused to give details about the upcoming iPad Air 3, but that didn’t stop users and analysts to make predictions and to come up with hypotheses about its specs, price and release date.

Release Date

Usually, Apple releases its iPhones and iPads in the fall, announcing them in September, then they hit the stores immediately or a maximum two months later. The latest rumors claim that Apple will unveil its iPad Air 3 sooner, in March/April, perhaps on March 15, when Apple will hold a next product event. With this occasion, it is rumored that the manufacturer will release a new 4-inch iPhone (6c or 5se).


We have no doubt that Apple will release another aluminum tablet, but we believe that the iPad Air 3 will be easier to carry with one hand and will be more comfortable for reading or to play games. This means that the tablet will be slimmer and its design might suffer a few improvements. According to Engadget, the iPad Air 3 might feature four speakers and will include a Pro-style Smart Connectors, which will allow the users to attach peripherals – keyboards.


If the tablet will be released this spring, it will run on iOS 9 and as soon as the iOS 10 will be available, the users will make the upgrade. Currently, Apple is working on the iOS 9.3 update, which will bring the Night Shift (the colors of the screen will be warmer, to not tire the eyes when reading content at night), improvements to the News and Health applications, password protection for Notes etc. Unfortunately, the 3D Touch technology won’t be added to the screen of the iPad Air 3, as Apple is currently limiting it to its iPhones. Inside, the tablet will feature an A9X chipset and the battery is rumored to last more than ten hours.


The 32GB variant of the iPad Pro is sold for $799, but it’s a premium tablet and is worth its price. The iPad Air 3 might have the same release price as its predecessor, which means that the 16GB variant will cost $499, £399 or AU$699; the 64GB variant will cost $699, £559 or AU$959 and on the 128GB variant, the fans will pay $699, £559 or AU$959 for a 128GB model. For the LTE model, the customers will pay $130, £100 or AU$160 in addition.