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If you are a Gmail user, then we have some nice tools that will help you get the most out of this email service.


Sidekick will notify you when an email that you’ve sent has been opened by the recipient. In addition, you will also know how many times the recipient has opened the message you’ve sent to him/her.

When the message is opened, you will receive a notification saying at what time the message was read. You can receive this information via a Chrome extension or via the Sidekick application from your smartphone.

Ugly Mail

Ugly Mail is doing the opposite thing that the SideKick tool does. With other words, Ugly Mail will show you which emails from your inbox are being tracked by the sender. This tool is working with the emails that are tracked by the following services: MixMax, SideKick, MailChimp, Postmark, Yesware, Streak and Bananatag. It seems that the developers are continuously working on this tool in order to make sure that it will cover more tracking services in the near future.

Using, you will be able to stop any emails that you no longer want to receive. This is great, as we’re pretty sure that you’re receiving lots of useless advertise emails that you barely open. By having so many advertise emails in your Gmail account, there are high chances that you will not see an important email from a business company that you are working with.


Boomerang is a tool that will help you to schedule your emails. This is great if you work during weekends, but want to make sure that an email is sent on Monday morning to a business person. You can also schedule emails for important meetings, birthdays or any other important event.


WiseStamp is a service that allows you to add a personal signature to your email messages. You can add your contact information, links to your social media accounts, photographs and even more.