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Gmail is one of the major email services and it has been around for 11 years, plenty time to evolve and to receive new functions. Some users don’t need all of them, as they just log into their accounts, read their new messages, reply to them and that’s it. We thought it will be auspicious to share a list of tips and tricks that can improve any Gmail user’s experience and will help him/her get to know this service better.

Undo A Sent Message

This is one of the most recent additions to Gmail and it does exactly what it says: it undoes a message that the user sends by mistake to the wrong person, or has incomplete text etc. For whatever reason you want to undo your sent message, this feature will come in handy and you can select how long the cancellation period can be – from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. So, you will enable it by going to Settings>General and select “Enable Undo Send”. So, from now on, when you send a message, a yellow box will float at the top containing an Undo link.

Using Multiple Gmail Accounts

Some people have multiple accounts – one for the standard Gmail email address, one for a Google Apps account etc. By using Google Chrome, the users will long into these accounts, but each of them will occupy a tab. It’s still a better solution than re-singing all the time, on other browsers.

Dragging Messages or Labels

There are no folders in Gmail, only Labels, which can be used for storing a message until the user will decide what to do with it. He/she can keep it for future searches and at the same time, the message will be ready for archiving. To move a message from Inbox to a label is very simple, as the user will drag it from one side to another.

Using Dots in Your Email Address

Gmail doesn’t care if you’re creating your email address with one dot in its composition or with a dot after each letter. Messages will be sent to the same person, so it doesn’t matter how many dots you’ve inserted in your name.

Moving Messages to Other Accounts

This option is available for iOS and it allows you to move a message from one Gmail account to another. First, you’ll view the message list, then click Edit and next to the message you’ll see a box which you’ll check, then tap on Move. You’ll choose the account and folder from that account where you want your message to be moved.

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