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WhatsApp is the application that is used by 1 billion people, every day and one of the advantages is that now it’s completely free. But, there are many reasons to install WhatsApp, as there are many features which make it of the most appreciated applications, offering free voice calls to other WhatsApp users and other features that are worth mentioning: free text messages or which contain photos, videos, voice recordings, the user’s location etc., plus the option to create group chats. Some users don’t take full advantage of this application’s potential and tend to forget that there are hidden features that should be explored. In this article, we’ll give a list of useful features that are neglected.

Muting Group Chats

It’s very hard to keep up with a group conversation where there are 50 participants who send messages continuously, because they will fill the screen with unread messages and it will take an eternity to read all of them. The things is that everytime a user writes a message, you’ll be notified and you’ll start to have enough of the alert sound. Plus, the screen lightens up and consumes the battery, so you have two options: flip your phone over or mute the group chat you’re part of, by tapping on its name, then on the Mute option which appears in the Group Info.

Check If Your Messages Are Read

The two blue ticks will appear on the sender’s screen if his/her message has been read by the recipient. If the other person hasn’t disabled this feature, then the sender will know the exact time when the message was read. So, if you check if your messages have been read, in Android you’ll tap and hold the message that you’ve sent and the Info option will tell you what you need to know. In iOS, the users will drag towards the left to open a window that will tell when the message was delivered and read.

Shortcuts To Conversations

In order to easily reach a conversation with a favorite user, create a shortcut on the homescreen, so you will no longer need to open and close the application. This can be done by tapping and holding the chat/group and when the pop up appears, you will select Add Conversation Shortcut and the shortcut will appear on your homescreen, but the option is available only for Android.

Backup Chats

If you don’t want to risk losing your conversations, or if you’re intending to move to a new phone, it’s indicated to back up your chat history. On iOS, iCloud automatically saves the chat history on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule, while on Android, the users will need to go to Settings > Chats and calls > Chat backup and choose to save chats on Google Drive.