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Apple will be rolling out the iPhone 7 this year to compete with the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, unlike the latter, which is usually leaked out before its official release, Apple usually remains tight-lipped as far as their upcoming devices are concerned.

Last year Apple unveiled the iPhone 6S and in 2014 it unveiled the iPhone 6. This year we expect to see the iPhone 7 and just like the previous models, we have no idea of what Cupertino is working on as far as design of the device is concerned. Despite this, different artists have been coming up with possible designs of the next iPhone flagship and we have gathered some of the most probable ones to share them with you.

Larger screen and curved design

If this lives up, we will see an iPhone 7 with a drastically changed design where it will have a curved body and feature no home button. Apple has reportedly been working on how to get rid of this button and it seems this will begin with this device. Another thing to also expect is an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, something that means this device’s thickness will be reduced further.

In this design, we also expect the phone to feature a much larger edge-to-edge screen. As far as the home button is concerned, you will get a software version and not a physical one.

New colors, iPad-like design and a physical home button

Other leaked renders of the iPhone 7 show that this device will come with a new array of colors that include the rose gold version. As far as the design is concerned, there are chances that Apple might go for similar looks as its iPads, where the edges will be squared off and a double-speaker grill added to the bottom.

The rear is flat, a move that Apple has been planning on for quite some time. In fact, the iPhone maker filed a patent concerning a certain camera module that will ensure no iPhone camera bulges like it does on the iPhone 6S Plus. If you are a fan of the physical home button, this render shows that it will be present as well.

There is also word that Apple might design the iPhone 7 like it does with its iPod Touch, including multiple colors. The huge doubt here is that one model has a metallic rear, a feature that is not common with Apple.

Flat design and a missing home button

Even though this design looks so impossible, it is worth looking at, especially knowing that anything is possible with Apple in question. This virtually flat design is something really hard to achieve, but if it materializes, the iPhone 7 will not come with a headphone jack or a physical home button.

Thinner design, no camera bulging

Another design shows a thinner iPhone 7 that features a flush rear snapper as opposed to the bulging models installed on prior models. With such a thin profile, it probably means that this device will also come without a 3.5mm headphone port.

The rear looks as if it is made of light brushed aluminum, just like what Apple has used on Macs before.

Same as iPhone 6S, but different screen layout

Considering that the iPhone 6S comes with one of the best designs out there, there is room for Apple to retain this design. However, one render shows that if this happens, the iPhone 7 will instead come with an edge-to-edge screen.

It will also mean the home button is retained as well as the headphone jack.