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Everyone knows about Viber, the messaging application which can be installed on smartphones and computers, and which offers free voice and video calls to other users who have this application installed on their devices. With this application, the users can send messages containing texts, photos or photos, but they will remain on the recipient’s device, if he/she won’t delete them. If you have heard of Snapchat, an application which allows the users to can set sent messages to self destruct after they’re read by the recipient, then you’ll be happy to hear that the creators of Viber have come up with a similar application, which will make sent messages disappear after they’re opened by their friends.

Viber Wink is compatible with iPhones and Android devices and it works only with the Viber version 5.7, which offers enhanced Group Chat features and allows the users to know which one of the users has read their messages. Viber Wink is the alternative to Snapchat, the application which allows the users to set a self-destruct timer (up to ten seconds) on the pictures they send to their friends. So, if you want to make fun of somebody and send a hilarious image or something embarrassing, which you don’t want to be saved to your friend’s device, then Viber Wink will save them a lot of trouble, because the message will disappear after ten seconds maximum, but it’s recommendable to go with the 1-second time limit, because the user won’t have time to take a print screen of the proof.

Besides, one of Wink’s features is the ability to record videos of up to ten seconds, which can be shared with friends and family, also, within a time limit. Also “Winks” can be sent when the user is in the middle of a Viber chat, and it’s just like sending a normal message but which disappears when the time limit expires. This application will encourage users to share whatever they want, without worrying that the content will be shared with other people.