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It’s now official that Reddit will soon be available on the Android as well as the iOS platforms.

This is true because of the recently unveiled Reddit beta for Android; however, this version is only available to developers.

The announcement was made by Reddit’s CEO, who said that the current beta version for Android devices is still closed. The newly introduced application has yet to make its way to the public, but it always finds one. Nonetheless, the introduced version offers the same capabilities as the ones users of this platform need third party apps to gain access to.

Better late than never

Even though Reddit is way too late to join the party, it is better late than never. This beta version has very little that it brings to the fold; however, more is expected when development proceeds past the beta stage.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy the aesthetics this beta version brings and for sure, the most part of it works just perfect. Other top features such as collapsing comment threads are available on the new Reddit beta for Android. Whether you want to check through the subscribed sub-reddits or even navigate in a number of different ways, this app takes care of that.

What you won’t find on this beta version of Reddit is a better way of viewing images, but they can be accessed via its in-app browser. But you won’t enjoy doing things like opening links whereas some details are still a bit odd. On the other hand, the app will allow you enjoy using it at night thanks to the included night mode, but this will be somehow hell for the users of Super AMOLED screens.

Still a long way to go

As mentioned earlier, the new Reddit for Android is a huge step by the company, but there is still a long way to go. Innovation is still at its lowest level, but as you all know, this is a beta as well as first version. But as long as the developers add in more effort in finishing the app as well as perfecting it, this app will definitely become a hit.

The Reddit beta app for Android was available for download via the APKMirror official website, but it was later removed at the request of Reddit. An iOS version is expected to be released soon.