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The Google Play Store has received a small but very crucial tweak from the developer team.

The new version has received a thumbs-up button that will let users give positive feedback in a much easier way than before.

The button has been added to the review section, and the spam button will no longer be easily visible to users. Instead, it has been bundled into a side menu. What this means is that the old style that resembled the way Reddit users did their thing is no longer available.

Google’s setup is similar to Facebook’s like button

What the Google Play Store has received in theform a thumbs up button is simply the same thing that Facebook uses as the Like button. Using this newly added icon, Play Store users will now be able to agree that what other reviewers are saying about a given app is exactly what they would have said about the same app.

The fact that the spam flag has been removed from the review section and instead pushed to the side menu is nothing more than just a way of the developers maintaining thesimplicity of the interface. On the other hand, it is a good way of preventing the unnecessary usage of the flag as it is not available first hand as it used to.

As a result, users will have to go through two steps in order flag any review or comment as spam. However, the button to give back positive feedback is just a single touch away.

An ongoing change

Ever since Android Lollipop came in, the Play Store has been undergoing quite some changes, especially in the design aspect. The availability of the thumbs up button is just part of this ongoing process, and we expect more to come in as we prepare to usher in Android N, the successor to the current Android Marshmallow.

As noted at the beginning, the introduced tweak is a very tiny one, but it can be of huge impact to the Google Play Store.