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Back in 2015, Google made users aware of the Android 6.0 M operating system, the new and improved OS comes with a ton of new features that some might know about while others might not. Thus, we’ve decided to list the top 5 valuable Android M features that will rock your world:


Battery life span has a tendency of slipping through one’s fingers. This is why Doze was created and implemented in the Android 6.0 M OS, it’s a cool feature that will boost your device’s battery life span.

Detailed RAM

The Android M packs an upgraded RAM manager, this can be accessed though the Settings menu. This permits you to have a look at your device’s RAM. You will also be able to see how much free RAM you have left and analyze how much RAM a certain app consumes.

Android Pay

Android Pay can be used with the NFC element by simply clicking on your phone when you are close to a NFC terminal. As soon as you add your card specifics, the app will generate an account number. So rest assure, as your card information is not exposed.

Fingerprint support

Security is very important in the world we live in, thus more and more devices have the fingerprint scanners. So, with Android M, Google has decided to come up with a standard API that will be valid for all sensors. Besides unlocking your device, the fingerprint sensor will come in handy when it comes down to financial transactions or purchases.

App Permissions

App Permissions has been through a lot as with it, users will be able to accept or deny certain permission for the applications they have downloaded. The here-and-now Android versions compel users to say yes to all permissions, this revamped feature is a step-up.