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The iPhone 7 is set to be unveiled this late July or early September and go on sale the latter month.

There is no doubt that Apple will do a great job with this device.

The iPhone 6S is with no doubt one of the best, if not the best ever smartphone that has ever existed. However, as you all probably know, there no good thing that has no fault or better say, there is nothing perfect. There are some quality features that Android users are enjoying yet none of them is available on apparently the best smartphone in the world.

Super AMOLED display screen

Apple was once the best when it comes to smartphone display screens thanks to the introduction of Retina display a few years ago. However, it is time for something else as evidently shown by the decent screens fitted on the current Samsung Galaxy S6 flagships. Super AMOLED is the name of this technology and if you own one of these devices, you’d attest to this superiority.

Another noticeable thing about iPhone 6S screen and top Android devices is difference in resolution. The display quality you get from a 720p iPhone 6S screen is nothing close to what a 2K screen on Galaxy S6 offers. If Apple can do us a favor and jump the iPhone 7’s screen resolution to 1080p would be super amazing.

Large battery unit

Battery life is another thing that iPhone 6S is not the best at. If you are a heavy user, this device won’t last you past 10 hours before needing a recharge. Well, there are top Android devices that can surpass this mark. There is even news that Samsung is planning to increase the size of the battery in the upcoming Galaxy S7, something that will push Apple’s iPhone 7 down further the charts as far as battery life is concerned.

It would be difficult for Apple to give us better battery life with the next device if what top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims about the next iPhone materializes. According to him, the next Apple flagship will be insanely thin, something that rules out the idea of having a larger battery unit.

MicroSD card slot

There is word that Samsung Galaxy S7 will bring back the microSD card support thanks to the fact that the South Korean giant has found a way to mix its super-fast internal memory with external storage cards. While this is happening, there is nothing of this sought coming from Cupertino.

Nonetheless, adding a microSD card slot to the iPhone 7 would be a welcome for many, especially those who end up with the base models. With support for expandable storage, the users of the next-gen iPhone can have more room for storing their songs, videos, photos and other media.