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Everybody was happy when WhatsApp finally allowed iOS users to keep in touch with family and friends that do no own an Apple smartphone. However, this type of freedom comes with a few warnings. iMessage on the other hand, is a very well-received app that belongs to Apple. Mac and iOS users can share emoticons, multimedia files and it is a very stable app. We’ve decided to choose these two apps and take a closer look at their features in order to spot their pluses and minuses.

WhatsApp vs. iMessage: Pluses and Minuses

As far as sharing and chatting, WhatsApp mirrors iMessage as you can send multimedia files to users and you can do so in groups or individually. However, there are some minuses when it comes to WhatsApp and for lifetime iMessage fans, these might be hard to cope with.

WhatsApp unfortunately is linked to a valid phone number and when you log in, you have to do so using a QR code. The security element is also something that users crave for. The end-to-end encoding is valid only for exists Android gizmos and not iPhone. And just like the rest of the apps, WhatsApp also requests access to one’s contacts list in order to link with friends who are WhatsAppers.

You also have a built-in calling options that is similar to FaceTime, however the implementation is a bit faulty. Just like iMessage, audio calls can be performed from the contacts panel and you also have a slide to answer prompt.

But, let’s balance out these minuses and take a look at the pluses. WhatsApp does pack some nifty features that would be nice to experience in iMessage.

The app comes with the ability of tracking the data sent or received. You also have the track cell usage in iMessage, however WhatsApp does a better job. Also, WhatsApp supports a broadcast message feature that can be sent to 256 friends while iMessage support just 10. Another big plus with WhatsApp, is that you can archive all of your chats to iCloud, meaning your smartphone will have more free space. And you can reinstate the conversations whenever you want.