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Facebook and Twitter are not new to each other as far as the social networking industry is concerned.

These two are always at loggerheads thanks to the fact that they compete for the same market.

Twitter has been going through rough times in recent times; problems that have seen it appoint a new CEO in the shape of Jack Dorsey. While the company seems to be gaining its footage in the tech space, it is still miles away from reaching the massive user base that Facebook commands. The former has a total following of over 300 million while the latter commands up to five times this user base.

The latest attempt by Facebook to completely outpace its counterpart is the introduction of a service that is directed at killing a similar, successful service that is offered on Twitter. Periscope is the name of this service and it allows the users to watch live videos of events happening in different parts of the globe.

Facebook live videos available on iPhone app

Facebook unveiled the ability to broadcast live videos on its iOS app recently. However, Android users are yet to receive this capability that has been under test for the past few months. To make matters worse, the feature is currently available to dwellers in the U.S. alone, but the company will be spreading it to other parts of the world where people also use the Facebook app on iPhones.

As noted earlier, Facebook live video streaming will ensure that the iPhone users can share live videos of what they are currently doing with their friends and family on the platform. It remains to be a huge gamble for Facebook, especially given how Periscope is established in the corporate world. Nonetheless, the huge numbers that Facebook boasts as well as the growing love of video viewing on the platform are enough to tell you that Twitter is in huge trouble with its offering.

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