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The iPhone 6S is the latest Apple flagship which introduced a new screen technology called 3D Touch. A light tap on the screen will be considered normal and the user will just select something, but if he/she taps harder, some options will be activated, or the “Peek and Pop” gestures, which will facilitate the interaction with the phone. The iPhone 6S has also an upgraded camera which can record 4K videos and record Live Photos, which are like animated GIFs of 3 seconds, split into half – before and after taking the shot. These are some of the features that can be obtained on older iPhones, only by jailbreaking them and installing some iOS 9 Cydia tweaks. Here’s a short list of recommendations.


This tweak is dedicated to the intelligent personal assistant, which on the iPhone 6S can be triggered all the time, while the owners of the older iPhones must plug their devices in order to use Hey Siri. By installing this tweak, Siri will be used in hands free mode and the users will no longer need to hold down the button in order to activate it. The option to the Siri menu will be added in the Settings app.


If you thought that you won’t be able to get 3D Touch capabilities on an older iPhone because it doesn’t have this display technology, then you’ll be happy to find out that
RevealMenu will bring 3D Touch Quick Actions and Peek to your device. By long pressing on an application icon from the home screen, you will activate Quick Actions and Peek will be activated by swiping up. The Pop gesture is exclusive to the iPhone 6S because it really depends on the level of pressure applied to the screen.

Live Photos Enabler

With this tweak, you’ll record a 3 seconds video and when you’ll send it to an iPhone 6S, it will be played as a Live Photo GIF. The tweak doesn’t have any settings, which means that you’ll have only one option – to tap on the record button and take two photos of 1.5 seconds each, which will be combined, resulting the 3 seconds GIF.


The iPhone 6S doesn’t have a LED Flash for its front camera, but it has a feature that turns the entire screen into a flash, by temporarily brightening it and offering enough light to allow the user to take a great selfie in low light conditions. The owners of the older iPhones can get this feature and they will adjust the color temperature of the flash, because it can be automatically detected like on the iPhone 6s does.


With this tweak you’ll be able to record 4K videos on your iPhone 6, or videos with a higher resolution on older iPhones.