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Smartphone battery life is a very crucial aspect when purchasing a phone in today’s smartphone laden market.

There are more than enough smartphones; but it kind of remains a huge task for the users when it comes to choosing which the best is. While most people will look first on matters of performance, design, camera and maybe display size, one crucial part that many people overlook is the battery life on offer.

In the recent past, we have seen companies go for huge battery sizes such as the 4,000mAh on the latest Huawei Mate 8. Furthermore, companies are trying to incorporate better and faster charging options in these devices while at the same time coming up with software features that can help kill this problem; for instance, the Doze feature on Android Marshmallow.

While most of these happenings have been affecting Android devices, Apple has been very quiet in the market. However, latest reports indicate that the Cupertino Company is working on something interesting for the next set of iPhones and iPads.

No more cables

Apple wants to say goodbye to cables and instead let you charge your iPhone without plugging it into a wall socket or even placing it on a charging mat. The interesting part of this developing story is that the iPhone will reportedly charge wirelessly over long distances, but the company did not specify how long this will be.

According to Bloomberg, the cutting edge technology will not be ready until next year, an indicator that it will not be available in this year’s iPhone 7.

If this materializes, Apple will have nailed it given that some of the top models that support wireless charging still require help for this to work. The help comes in form of charging mats where the phone must be in contact with this device in order to charge wirelessly.

Apple spoke of flattening iPhone sales – a trend that it expects to go on through 2016. If this technology comes in, it could just be another way for the company to stay on top of the game as far as innovation is concerned. It will also make life easier for the users of iPhones if at all the rumored removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack materializes.