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As we all know, Samsung is quite popular because of its Note series phablets, rather than its S series handsets. However, the Galaxy Note 5 device didn’t impress many people, and the device was not sold as well as many have expected.

Actually, the Galaxy Note fans were disappointed that the Galaxy Note 5 was quite similar to the Galaxy S6. These two devices have mostly the same specifications and the only noticeable difference was the screen size. However, many Galaxy Note fans think that Samsung will not mess up again with the upcoming Note 6 device.

According to Samsung’s website, the Galaxy Note 5 is slimmer than its predecessor and its frame is made of aluminum and the back is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which makes it less prone to scratches. In addition, the users are able to use the “S Pen” on the awesome flat surface. The Galaxy Note 5 comes with more reliable power, which means that is has a longer battery life and it also supports fast charging.

The Galaxy Note 5 comes with a pretty good camera, which you can use for important events in your life. The SideSync that it comes with allows you to access your files and notes from your phone from your laptop, so you can respond to alerts, text and reminders even when you are at your computer. However, even if it comes with some impressive specifications, there were many fans who remained unimpressed.

It seems that the fans felt that Samsung has messed with them when the Galaxy Note 5 was released. Hopefully, the Galaxy Note 6 will have a different design than the Galaxy S7 and its internal specs will differ.

According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 6 will come with a better camera sensor, as the South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, tends to do this on its new mobile handset devices. However, other rumors say that Samsung will work on the camera sensor instead of increasing the number of pixels.

The Galaxy Note 5 sports a battery of 3000 mAh and we’ve seen many owners of this device saying that the battery is getting wasted pretty fast. We remind you that other devices already support a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh and Samsung should bring a similar unit or even higher, in order to make sure that the Galaxy Note 6 will be able to stay “alive” for longer.

The Galaxy Note devices are phablets and the fans prefer them because of the better user experience when it comes to watching movies or playing games. Therefore, they will need more storage to save more movies, games and personal data that they hold on this mobile device. The Galaxy Note 5 didn’t feature a microSD card slot last year, disappointing many fans. There are rumors which say that Samsung will bring the microSD card slot back to its upcoming Galaxy Note 6.

The 3D Touch technology was added to the iPhone 6S last year, which means that Samsung might consider bringing this feature to its Galaxy Note 6.