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CES 2016 saw Huawei Technologies reveal the arrival of Honor 5X in the United States, slating it to arrive at the end of this month.

Previously launched in Europe and China, the Honor 5X is a budget-equivalent smartphone to the much praised Apple’s iPhone 6S flagship, despite running on separate operating systems. The specifications and the price tagged on Honor 5X definitely makes it feature among the top budget Android smartphones in the world. At around $200 only, you can have a close-to-iPhone 6S experience with the Honor 5X. This is far away lesser compared to the 128GB model of iPhone 6S which retails at around $600.

Metallic body design    

Having been made from a luxurious glass and metal body, Honor 5X’s design makes it favorable to compete with the iPhone 6S. On the other hand, Apple has included an Ion-X glass in the iPhone 6S’ design. Huawei has adopted a tradition of giving its Honor phones a perfect high-quality finish. Honor 5X’s exterior is also nicely curved with a perfectly brushed metallic appearance.

Specifications’ comparison

Huawei’s Honor 5X has a 72% screen-to-body ratio compared to iPhone 6S’ which is 65%. The former has a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels with 401 ppi, whereas the latter has a 1334 by 750 pixel res with 326 ppi. The Honor model definitely offers a more impressive display than the iPhone.

The iPhone 6S has a rear camera of 12 MP compared to Honor 5X’s 13 MP shooter. These are almost comparable sensors despite the fact that different technologies have been applied in these camera systems.

In terms of storage capacity, the Honor 5X has an expandable memory slot, while the iPhone 6S does not have. For many adorers of multimedia files’ storage, this might be a considerable feature, since they would not worry much about the storage space. Both phones have the same RAM of 2GB with Apple’s 6S running on a dual-core chipset while Huawei’s 5X packs a quad-core processor.

Powerful battery life

Compared to iPhone 6S’s 1715mAh battery capacity, Huawei Honor 5X has a battery capacity of 3000mAh when fully charged. With the Marshmallow update expected for Honor 5X soon, the phone will exhibit long battery lifespan. The latest Android OS version has features such as “Doze” that will help in achieving a longer battery life combined with the phone’s advanced power consumption tools.

Price difference of $400

With a price difference of $400 between the two phones, there is probably a reason for this despite having almost the same specifications. The tech used in putting up the specs matters in terms of cost, but that does not mean that Honor’s tech is of low quality. Apple products have for a long time been known for being expensive. Whether it is the tech applied or the trademark that makes Apple’s products expensive; still Honor 5X stands to be a cheaper-equivalent of iPhone 6S in some aspects.

The specs, as aforementioned, are almost similar. The experience on the $200 Honor 5X might at some point not totally match the $600 iPhone 6S. The fact still remains that both phones are great devices to have, although the extra $400 spent on iPhone 6S might be considered by a buyer at some point.

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