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Heavy users of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone – Galaxy S6 – might be encountering slowed-down experiences while using the gadget.

Despite having high-end specs, Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone has been noticed to suffer from slight decreased performance in terms of speed in its functionalities. The slowed-down experience has been particularly observed by a number of people who are heavy users of the phone. Ranging from a few adjustments of the system to applying other apps, you can be rest assured that the phone will improve its performance speed if you try the tips below.

Use an alternate launcher

If your Galaxy S6 device starts to exhibit slow performance, it is advised that you try out a new launcher. Just do away with the current launcher and acquire a new one. The recommended launchers include Nova Launcher, dodol Launcher and Solo Launcher. These launchers are quite stable and also pack a number of desirable features.

Clear the app cache on your Galaxy S6

With time, the cache on your device might fill up leading to decreased speed. Generally, clearing caches enhances the speed of devices. It is recommended that this process be done regularly to ensure smooth running of the phone. For cache clearance on Galaxy S6, go to Settings > App Manager and then select the app you want to clear its cache. You will be able see “Clear Cache” option; simply tap on this to do away with the cache. You can do this to several apps of your choice.

Decrease number of startup applications

There are a number of tools that can inhibit several apps from booting upon switching on your phone. These tools or rather apps are also found in Play Store and the recommended one is Greenify. This app allows you to regulate background processes that consume a lot of memory. This app is free in Play Store and it ideally reduces the activities of Galaxy S6’s programs when not in use. To achieve the maximum performance of Greenify app, you need a rooted gadget.

Increase speeds of animation and transition of pages

This trick has been discovered to improve the speed of Galaxy S6. On the phone’s “Settings” menu, locate and tap on “Build number” severally. This activates Developer Options where you will come across “Window animation scale” option just close to the top of the page. It is advised that you set the transition speeds to 0.5X and then check the difference.

Do away with unused apps

There are a number of applications that you never use or probably have no intention of using. It is suggested that you delete these apps from your Samsung Galaxy S6 to improve your phone’s speed as they only consume your RAM for no apparent reason.

Avoid over-reliance on widgets 

Widgets offer faster access to apps right from your home screen. It is advised that you avoid relying too much on widgets to access your Galaxy S6’s apps. You can check on your “Battery menu” regularly to see which functionalities eat much of your battery.

Factory-reset your Galaxy S6 device

This is actually the most common recommended option for enhancing the performance of many devices. Ideally, factory resetting restores your phone to the state when you acquired it from the stores. Remember to back up your contacts and important data to Google Drive before resetting your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is not designed to offer slow experiences, however, just like in other machines and devices, over exhausting the device will lead to slow performance.

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