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The Galaxy Note is the latest flagship phablet that Samsung has released last fall, and it’s basically the phablet version of the Galaxy S6, but with a stylus and 4GB of RAM. Of course, the Note 5 doesn’t work perfectly all the time and at some point it will start behaving erratically. Don’t panic, some problems have solutions and we’re here to get you out of a difficult situation.

When It Freezes Or Shuts Down

All smartphones have these problems and usually, the users reboot their phones, clear the cache and uninstall unnecessary applications. In the worst case, a factory reset will do the job and all the software issues disappear. Before trying this method, boot into safe mode and check if the problem is related to any recently added or updated application.

Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth Problems

If your Note 5 doesn’t connect to a wireless network or it connects, but you can’t load any website, or if Bluetooth doesn’t pair or communicate, here is what you can do, besides rebooting your device:

The WiFi issue can be solved by going to Settings > WiFi, where you will “forget” existing networks. The Bluetooth problems will be fixed by removing the list of paired devices and pairing them again.

When The S-Pen Gets Stuck

Don’t insert the S-Pen into the slot wrong way because it will get stuck and if you’ll use force to get it back out, you’ll damage the device and lose the warranty. If the pencil is already stuck, then the best solution to get it out is to lift up the sensor using a piece of paper and to prevent it from coming back out again.

The Fingerprint Scanner Stops Working

The fingerprint scanner is integrated into the home button which is placed below the screen. If the sensor doesn’t seem to “recognize” your fingerprint, then one of the reasons is that your finger is oily or filthy, so wipe it and try again. If the scanner still doesn’t respond, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Fingerprints and remove the fingerprint that was memorized by the software and re-add it, but place it exactly on top of the home button.

Extend The Battery Life

The Note 5 has a smaller battery than its predecessor (3220mAh), but it doesn’t drain out quicker, because Samsung built the processor in a way to not demand too much power. So, if the battery dies too fast, then you’ve probably installed a power-hungry app, so we suggest you to check out which one is to blame, by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. If you don’t really need that application, uninstall it.

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