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There are instances when you accidentally delete the SMS messages on your Android device or even intentionally delete messages to free your phone’s inbox. Suddenly, you realize that you need the deleted message(s).

Do not panic; deleted or lost messages are recoverable. However, you need to act fast to prevent the space that the deleted message was occupying from getting overwritten by another file, new text or an app update. Get a PC and your Android phone and engage in the process of text message recovery.

Download recovery tools

To facilitate the retrieval of deleted messages on your Android phone, there are certain available recovery tools on the web that can be downloaded and used. Ideally, these tools function by scanning the phone’s memory, identifying the content and then retrieving the deleted text messages.

The recommended tool for either Mac or Windows PC is Wondershare DR Fone for Android, which you can download using your computer browser. You also have to enable the “Developer Options” on your mobile phone by going to “Settings > About Phone> Build Number” and thentap severally on the last button until you are notified that “Developer Options” is enabled.

Head to “Developer options >USB debugging” and activate this option by either checking the adjacent box or flipping the switching depending on the version of OS. Using a USB cable, connect the Android phone to the PC. Open the downloaded recovery program on your computer and follow the outlined instruction to identify the phone and analyze the device memory.

Once the scanning is complete, you can preview your phones deleted and undeleted data. Remember that as long as the memory in which the original data was saved in has not been overwritten, you will be able to get the desired deleted texts. This is why it is of great essence to act quickly to prevent memory being overwritten by new files that might auto-save.

On the left-hand pane on the PC, open the “Messages” folder and select the desired messages to be retrieved and click “Recover” which is at the bottom right of the window. This will automatically retrieve the selected messages either to your phone or the computer.

Preventing loss of text messages on Android

To avoid the process of message retrieval after unintentionally deleting texts, you can as well take precaution by doing a regular backup of SMS messages with the help of a tool or rather a third-party app known as “SMS Backup & Restore.”

Download the app to your Android device; launch it and tap “Backup” toselect the content that you wish to backup. To create cloud backup either in Google Drive, email address or even Dropbox, select “Local backup and upload”. To create abackup in the device or SD card memory, tap “Local Backup only”.

To restore the backed-up messages, open the app and tap on “Restore”. Select the backup name used to save the content. In case, your messages were saved in cloud backup, hit on the three-dot menu, select “Load from”, and chose the type of service used in cloud storage.

With the “SMS Backup & Restore” app, there are other extra options that can be helpful such as password protection and scheduled backups. The password will help you have the sole access to the backups whereas the scheduled backup’s option enables you to create duration and how theoften backup of messages automatically occurs. To access this app’s settings tap on the three-dot menu on the application’s home screen and select “Preferences”.