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Today we’re going to talk about two “hybrid-tablets” such as the Surface Book that was released by Microsoft and the Galaxy TabPro S that will be released next month by Samsung.

Dimensions and Weights

The Surface Book measures 232x312x22.8mm (as a laptop), but it’s only 13mm thick while detached from the keyboard and weights 718/1576 grams. The Galaxy TabPro S will measure 190x290x6.3mm and weight only 693 grams. With other words, the Surface Book is about 17% taller and 8% wider than the Galaxy TabPro S.



The Surface Book has a display size of 13.5-inch that supports a resolution of 2000×3000 pixels at 267 ppi. The TabPro S has a slightly smaller display of 12-inch that supports a lower resolution of 1440×2160 pixels at 216 ppi.

Processors, Graphics Cards & RAM

The Surface Book comes in two CPU variants as follows:

  • Intel Core i5 6th generation processor clocked at 3GHz
  • Intel Core i7 6th generation processor clocked at 3.4GHz.

The Surface Book also features an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card along with the integrated Intel HD 520 graphics card that it comes with. The device is backed by 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

The TabPro S has an Intel Core M 6th generation dual-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz, an Intel HD 515 graphics card and only 4GB of RAM.


The Surface Book comes in four internal storage variants of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB and it also supports an SD card for storage expansion. The TabPro S was released in two internal storage variants of only 128GB and 256GB and unfortunately, it doesn’t support a memory card for storage expansion.


The Surface Book has an 8MP primary camera found on its rear side and a secondary camera of 5MP that’s found on the front side. The main camera of the TabPro S is 5MP and the front camera has the same resolution.


According to Microsoft, the battery that powers the Surface Book device will hold it alive for about 12 hours under normal usage. On the other hand, Samsung promises that the battery found on the Galaxy TabPro S will be able to keep the device alive for 10 hours and a half.