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When Google has released the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, the first devices that have been updated were the Nexuses. Then, Google’s OEMs have started receiving the firmware and LG was the first company that rolled out the update to its LG G4 flagship in Poland. Then, later, other models from Europe have received the new Android version and in the US, only Sprint has released the Marshmallow update to the G4 devices.

The list of LG smartphones approved to receive the Marshmallow support are the G4, LG G3, LG V10 and LG G Flex 2. Until now, Verizon has updated its G3 in Poland and the Marshmallow update was also sent to the Sprint variant of the G4 Stylus, also known as G Stylo. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow is being pushed in phases, so the users will receive the update sooner or later. It all depends on the region the user lives, his/her phone model and the carrier that is connected to.

When the firmware update becomes available, the owner of the supported device will receive a message in the notifications panel. He/she will tap on the message, then select “Download now” and wait a few seconds until the download completes. After tapping on the “Install now” button, the device will reboot and it will automatically flash the update. If the device hasn’t received the system update notification yet, the user can manually check for it by going to Settings > About Phone > Update Center > Check for updates.

The installation file has around 800MB in size, so we suggest the users to connect to a wireless network and to have enough battery left, so that the device won’t shut down in the middle of the update process. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the aforementioned LG devices comes with a number of new features and we’ll list a few of them. Doze is the mode that extends the battery life by shutting down applications that run in the background while the phone is in standby. The granular app permissions system will force applications to ask permissions when they need to access parts of your device (location, microphone etc.), eliminating the privacy concerns. Google Now is another feature that is very helpful when having a conversation with someone and that person recommends you a movie title, as the personal assistant will provide you relevant information about the subject. The Google Now On Tap can be launched by long-pressing the home button.

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