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Rumors that Facebook was working on a “Dislike” button started showing up somewhere last year, but up to now, nothing has happened in this capacity.

Even before going further with this statement, it is important to clarify that this wasn’t a dislike button to say, but it was a means for Facebook users to express sympathy or sorrow in cases where one makes a sensitive or touching statement instead of using the Like button.

For instance, one can make a post of a photo he/she took with a loved one, who has since passed away, with some words of comfort accompanying the post or simply makes a statement about being involved in a grisly accident. Well, it is awkward to hit the like button in such situations, and it is why Facebook was working on a button that could play this role, just, in the same way, the Like button works. According to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, this is what he terms as Reactions.

In essence, this is just a tool that brings more expression than what the Like button does. In this way, users will be able to express themselves much better using several different emoticons. The feature is now into months of testing, and it seems dwellers of the U.S. will be the first to use Reactions in public conversations, Bloomberg reveals.

Is this the end of the Like button?

Who doesn’t agree that the Like button has been a major tool when it comes to expressing feelings on Facebook as well as other platforms? Well, if you don’t, you probably aren’t on social media. Nonetheless, now that the leading social networking is working on alternatives for the Like button, the question of what will happen to this highly expressive tool starts to come up.

It seems the company has now found a solution to the much-asked-for Dislike button, a feature the Zuck claims will bring negativity to the platform rather than add positivity. Furthermore, adding a Dislike button will probably be emulating what Reddit, YouTube and other platforms do with down and up votes.

According to the team behind the Facebook Reactions feature, the new product is as a result of learning lots of lessons. Nevertheless, the Chief Product Officer at Facebook, Chris Cox, believes that the more than 1.5 billion people that use Facebook actively will welcome this tool with open arms.