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Skype Translator has officially completed rolling out to all Skype for Windows desktop customers.

This move will see Skype users have their conversations and chats translated in desired languages.

Having been launched in December 2014, Skype Translator was designed to fill the communication gap between the deaf, the hard-of-hearing and the diverse languages. The application is designed, developed and powered by Microsoft Translator Team.


Skype Translator supports up to seven languages

The Skype Translator applies the recognition of speech and text-to-speech technologies to convey its intended functionality of bridging the communication gap. By detecting and recording spoken speech, there is a mechanism that transforms the said words to written text in the desired language. On the other hand, written text is transformed into speech that is conveyed to the listening end, also in the desired language.

Ideally, as the Microsoft Translator Team puts it, the Skype Translator bridges the language gap as well as offering a powerful tool for communication for those having difficulty in hearing and the deaf as well. The Skype for Windows customers will now be able to communicate in about seven languages. This has been enhanced with the voice-to-voice translation technology that can translate Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, French, English and German.

The text-to-text translation has made it possible for the interpretation of over 50 languages in the Skype Translator. The team has however promised to work on introducing more languages that will suit the vast and huge Skype user base.

Currently available stats since its inception

Through a blog post, the Skype Translator Team has revealed certain stats that it boasts of since the inception of the service. The Team says that the number of calls made daily on the app has increased by 400 percent since the very launch of the service. Apart from this, the Team also revealed that English-French is the most common dialectal pair and the leading corridor in International translation over Skype calling services are Germany to Ghana.

As aforementioned, this announcement comes right at the time when Skype is celebrating a decade since the introduction of video calling services. Skype also recently unveiled group video calling services to mobile phone platforms. From a look at things about these series of development in a row, Microsoft is up to win more users and promote its products and services.

To start using the service, click on the globe that is situated at the upper right-hand corner of Skype for Windows. If the globe does not display, you will be required to download the latest version of the app.