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Skype, the king of video calling, continues its dominance over this industry with the introduction of a new group video calling feature for Android users of its app.

This news was made public earlier this week, with the company revealing that the service will be available to all users of the app on Android, iOS as well as Windows 10 Mobile.

Skype has been struggling in the recent times thanks to the growth in stature of other similar service providers such as Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Snapchat as well as WhatsApp, among others. These apps offer users with services in messaging and calling all for free. The size of user bases they command is what should be frightening Skype even though the Microsoft-owned app is still regarded as the king of free video calling.

Viber came into play with free group video calling services, and so did Google Hangouts. While Skype was already offering these services on Mac and Windows, they were only available to premium users of the app. But when its competitors started offering the same services for free, Skype took the initiative of jumping in with the same offerings, but only on desktop environments.

With this new update, this is no more as users of mobile phones can also enjoy group calls when on the go. Whether you are using an Android phone or tablet, an iOS iPhone or iPad, or even a Windows 10 Mobile phone or tablet, you will now be able to enjoy free video calling right from within the mobile app, Microsoft has announced.

Pre-registration is needed for trials

Even though Microsoft has announced the arrival of free group video calling on Skype for Android, there is still need for pre-registration to access the first trial version. This is the same way as signing up for a beta program where the company will ask your email address, Skype ID, the country as well as a device for use. Once this is provided, you will receive an email from Skype with proceedings of how to get the beta version. Alternatively, you can wait for a few weeks before the stable version is availed to all users in a few weeks’ time.

It has taken Skype a decade to bring up notable changes in the way people communicate with their friends and families. However, the period has seen the app expand from the desktop environment to the most popular mobile environment, with the company reporting an amazing usage of over 2 trillion minutes of via the Skype video calling feature over the entire period.

Skype recently announced the testing of a Skype Translator feature that allows users of different language backgrounds communicate with each other without any form of barriers. The feature was demoed by using two languages from the opposite ends; one of them speaking English and the other speaking German, and it worked perfectly.

The app also received new abilities such as mobile filters, saving video messages for Android users and improved multitasking for iOS users. It is also possible for anyone to come in and join a Skype conversation with the help of a unique link shared via email, messaging services, or social media without the need of an account for the invited guest.