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Apple unveiled the iPad Pro last year and despite doing so, speculations about the new iPad Air 3 did not go away.

According to the then reports, Apple was to release this tablet in March this year.

Towards the end of last year, somewhere in December, reports emerged that the iPhone maker was planning on releasing this Air 3 tablet in the first half of 2016. However, it was pointed out that the device will not feature the newly introduced 3D Touch feature that sets the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones distinct from the other iPhone 6 models.

Even though the new tablet is one of the devices that were expected to bring out the best from the multi-touch UI that iOS 9 brings to the fold, it will be without the hyped pressure-sensitive tool due to issues related to production.

According to Apple Insider, the integration of 3D Touch capabilities was one of the hardest tasks faced by Apple when manufacturing the iPhone 6S. The iPad Pro was released without the 3D Touch feature and despite the fact that Apple desperately wants to see this feature on its next line of iPads, it seems the upcoming iPad Air 3 will not be among the debutants of this capability on the Apple-based tablets.

iPad Air 3 was to be released last September

Many Apple fans were expecting the iPad Air 3 to come out during last year’s release of the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. However, this did not materialize, with the event ending without a single mention of this device.

Maybe Apple did not release this device, because it did not want to flood the market with a variety of its tablets in a single instance; a move that was aimed at giving the released devices room to grow in the market without the Air 3 interfering.

The latest word is based on the notion that Apple is not done with the iPad Air line of tablets and as a result, there are plans to introduce an iPad Air 3 to succeed the ageing iPad Air 2. Apple has been launching the iPad Air series of tablets in autumn, which means that the latest rumor about the release date might somehow be against the company’s trend. Nonetheless, the iPhone maker could use this device to reach out to the market that the iPad Pro has found trouble accessing.

iPad Air 3 specs

The latest reports claim that the upcoming iPad Air 3 will be powered by the latest A9X CPU and will have a RAM of between 2 and 4GB. The screen size will be 9.7 inches and feature 4K display technology. On the rear, you will come across an 8MP snapper while the front will feature a 2.1MP snapper. A fingerprint scanner will also be on board the Air 3 tablet.

Rumors have it that the next iPad Air series tablet will only be 5 mm thick and it will also feature an IP rating with respect to water and dust resistance. This will only be Apple’s second device, after the Apple Watch, to come with water and dust resistivity. On the negative side of things, it is said that Apple will be reducing the battery size that came with the iPad Air 2.

There are also chances that Apple might scrap this plan and instead give September’s releases sometime in the tablet market. If this materializes, we might once again have to wait until September for a new iPad Air 3 to be released.