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Apple has released the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 and it can be downloaded and installed on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices that are registered to Apple’s Developer program. We remind you that the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 comes almost two weeks later after the first beta of the iOS 9.3 was released for both developers and public beta testers.

Unlike other recent iOS update releases, the iOS 9.3 is a major update for the iOS 9.3 and it comes with a many new features for iPads and iPhones. You will notice a feature called “Night Shift Mode” which is mostly similar to the “f.lux”. The new “Night Shift Mode” will reduce the blue light automatically in the evening in order to not stress your eyes while reading content on the display.

In addition, there is a new feature that allows you to connect multiple Apple Watch devices (that run on watchOS 2.2 or later) to the iPhone. You will notice that there is also multiuser support for iPad, which was especially made for the iPads that are in the educational sector.

In addition, the new iOS 9.3 BETA 2 comes with a revamped Control Center that will allow you to toggle the “Night Shift Mode” on and off.

The iOS 9.3 BETA 2 is now available for anyone who’s registered to Apple’s Developer program. To download the new update, you will need to do it via OTA update (by going to your device’s Settings->Genera->Software Update) or via iTunes.

We’re pretty sure that the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 will be available for those registered to Apple’s public beta program, but it will take a few days before that happens.

Have you tested the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 yet? Did you notice any glitches? Tell us your thoughts about it!