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A few months ago, there was talk about the HTC M10, the HTC Perfume and the HTC O2 device and out of the blue, the whispers stopped. But, the new hearsay claims that a big March release is imminent as the HTC company is preparing to launch the One M10 smartphone.

It would be nice to see HTC come up with a stunning concept for this new upcoming device. We are not referring to the specs and what’s under the hood, as anyone can implement nifty specs, but we are talking about a sterling design.

Based on various innuendos, HTC might go for a metal design with the addition of the fingerprint scanner, a 23 MP shooter, a 3,000mAh battery unit and fans can also expect the  IP78 certificate that makes the M10 water and dust resistant. Let’s just say that if the latter specs prove to be true, this means HTC has been paying attention to the critics.

It also seems that HTC will go for distinct chipsets for different areas, so in Europe, UK and USA, the company will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset while for Asia, the device will have a MediaTek processor.

There are believers that claim that the HTC One M10 will mirror HTC’s A9 device and that it will share some common features with the latter. There is also talk about a Home knob and the popular fingerprint scanner, but no word on where will this knob be placed. Let’s face it, after Google’s launch of the Nexus 6P, this will be the year of Android smartphones that will rock the fingerprint scanner.

We’re excited to see what HTC unfolds this year, but we’re pretty sure that in terms of style, the upcoming device will be praiseworthy as the company never failed in this area. Also, fans we’ll definitely welcome the waterproof addition.