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The Google Play Store is definitely worth installing, if you want to get a hold of dozens of amazing apps and content, follow these simple instructions on how to install the newest Google Play Store, version 6.0.5.

Note: These instructions are for those of you who own an Android-powered device with the licensed Play Store version set-up. Go ahead and download the 6.0.5 version, if you want to get the brand new Google Play font when doing your searches plus some cool features that were inspired by Android 6.0 M.

Setting-up the Google Play Store version 6.0.5

You can manually set-up the Play Store APK, you can choose to do it either on your smartphone or with the aid of your PC. Here are the two methods explained in detail:

 Method 1: Using the phone

  • Activate Unknown Sources by heading to Settings, next Security and then simply tick the box right next to Unknown sources. Note: Make sure you then uncheck it when you’re done installing the Play Store.
  • Use the browser on your phone and head to XDA Developers forum or APK Mirror to download the APK file.
  • ‘this type of file can harm your device’ prompt may show up, but simply let it go and click OK.
  • Click to open the APK, look over the new permissions and then click Install.

Method 2: Using the computer

It’s also easy enough to download the Google Play Store using the computer method instead of the phone one, here is how it’s done:

  • Activate Unknown sourceson your device.
  • Again use the browser and go to XDA Developers forum or APK Mirror to download the APK file.
  • Then simply link your device to the PC (via a cord) and then copy the APK to your Android.
  • Go ahead and open the APK, again accept the new permissions and Install.