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Google Maps has received an update that enables it to tell your current destination. However, this tool will only work if you have been in the same direction before.

However, this tool will only work if you have been in the same direction before.

The new feature, which is known as Driving Mode, will be very helpful to people who rely heavily on this app for directions. According to the search engine giant, the new Maps feature takes advantage of the location history and web searches you make when trying to predict your destinations. At the same time, the app relays the latest traffic information as well as sends you the estimated time you will arrive at your destination.

How accurate is Google Maps’ Driving Mode?

In ensuring that you get the most perfect results, the new feature will analyze all places you have been to before, including your home and work locations, as well as searches made with regards to possible destinations via the Maps app or even Search app.

With this information in addition to other basic information as the time of the day and even dates, Google Maps will be able to suggest your destinations without the need of asking it. What this means is that if you have been searching for details about a given store and then you start the Google Maps app on your phone, it will notice this and quickly give you directions when you start your journey.

How to access Driving Mode in Google Maps

Google has given users two ways to access the Driving Mode in the mapping application. The easiest way of the two is via the home screen. Just press it and then tap on the Android widgets that show up. Go ahead and choose the app’s driving shortcut and then head to Google Maps where you should tap on the sidebar menu followed by selecting “Start Driving”.

Once your destination is in the Maps app, the results will be helpful in getting you to your intended destination as well as tracking the mileage.

Google Maps’ Driving Mode might just be the way for the search engine giant to bring businesses on board with respect to keeping an eye on their business mileage. At the moment, businesses already use apps such as Everlance to track their business’ mileage via GPS.