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Encoding is estimating that the Adobe Flash platform software used for running video, animation and games embedded into web pages will be finally dead in two years, as now it’s agonizing and losing users everyday. That’s because in the past years, the platform has become unsecure and hackers took advantage of its vulnerabilities and attacked their victims, stealing important information from their devices. Last year, Flash was used on only 6 percent of mobile and web videos, decreasing from 2 percent. However, the developers are continuously trying to remedy the damage by releasing new updates, but Adobe Flash’s days are numbered.

Adobe Flash will have the fate of the dinosaurs! Now, it’s under the danger of extinction and it’s predicted to die in 2018. Its place will be taken by HTML5, which started gaining popularity after more and more websites converted their Flash content to HTML5 because it’s more secure against known vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, Adobe is losing ground, even if Google said that Flash will have a long life because there are many websites with existing content that was built on this software platform.

So, what will happen to the sites that are running Flash content? For example, websites such as Hulu, NBC, CBS, Showtime, Spotify, Pandora etc. which continue to use the Flash Player will need to change the distribution format. Twitch preferred to switch to HTML5 and it’s using HTTP live streaming. Other websites that have adopted the HTML5 web video player are Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music and Rdio.

Adobe Flash Player beta

The developers are struggling to fix as many issues as they can and according to the change log for the beta version, they’ve got rid of the “LifeChanger C++ Application quits with Access Violation” error. The change log doesn’t say anything about other changes or additions, but we’re pretty sure that the player will be more stable.