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The option to share text documents isn’t available yet, but according to a reddit user called CarbonAtom, WhatsApp will introduce this feature in the near future. He explored the latest betas of the application and noticed in its source code that soon, the users will be able to share files with the following extensions: .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls etc. Who will take advantage of this new feature?

First of all, by sharing these types of files, the students, teachers and business people will use this tool to share their classwork, documents or presentations more easily, because if they saved these files on their smartphones and need to send them to important people, WhatsApp will help them do this. CarbonAtom, the Reddit user who leaked this information has also found out that WhatsApp will use a special icon for sharing files, which will look like a white file on top of a blue circle. It isn’t known when this feature will be activated on a future beta, but as soon as we will find out, we will let you know.

Currently, the Android users can download the beta version 2.12.423 of WhatsApp, which comes with bug fixes and performance improvements. The new beta has been decreased by 13Kb, but there weren’t removed or added new files. Only 18 files have been modified, and we’re guessing that they’re related to the improvements that have been made to the stability of the application.

In order to install WhatsApp 2.12.423 APK on your smartphone, first enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’s Menu> Settings> Security, where you’ll need to check the box in front of it. You can download the new beta version from WhatsApp’s official website, but if you’ll notice any glitches and errors, feel free to contact the developers, so they can fix them before releasing a new beta version.