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As WeChat keeps adding new people to the platform, the novice users keep reporting some common issues with handling this chat app.

While WeChat has been making headlines across the globe with its e-commerce services that range from hailing cabs to sending money to friends, what has made it such a popular app are its services as a free messaging and calling application. According to the latest stats, the Chinese-based chat app has more than 650 million people who use it on a monthly basis, but a large part of them are based in the app’s home country.

Nevertheless, there are some common issues, as mentioned earlier, that keep on bugging the users of this app in their day-to-day operations. One such issue is the problem of missing WeChat messages. At some point, you may find yourself looking for a message that you believe is on the device, but in reality it is missing. There is a way you can get back this lost WeChat message on your iPhone 6S, even if you had not backed up the messages.

A little heads-up

Before you proceed with recovering lost WeChat messages that have no backup, there a few things you need to know. First is that whenever you discover that any of your messages or data on your iPhone 6S is missing, the first thing is to switch to Airplane mode. Alternatively, you can turn off the phone, but this will usually happen in cases where the WeChat messages are deleted or maybe overwritten by a new message.

In addition, create a backup on iCloud or iTunes so that it is easy to recover the lost WeChat messages. Once you are done with this, you will need to get the latest version of the iFonebox app, an iPhone data recovery tool that works perfect with WeChat.

With this tool, you will be sure of getting back all WeChat-associated data as long as it was backed up on your iCloud or iTunes account.

How to get back lost WeChat messages on iPhone 6S with no backup

As mentioned earlier, get the latest version of iFonebox app and make sure it’s compatible with the OS you are using on your PC. Launch the app and then opt to recover from the iOS device mode. Keep your iPhone 6S connected to the PC in order to allow the recovery tool to scan the deleted WeChat history on the device. Just hit on the “Start” button to begin the scanning and analysis process.

The process will then ask to scan WeChat messages from your iPhone 6S and once you allow it, it will take some time to scan depending on the size of WeChat messages stored.

In the next section you can preview and select the lost messages you want recovered. Hit the “Recover to PC” button to complete the recovery process.