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BlackBerry has announced that last year’s Android-powered BlackBerry Priv will now be able to access the new Skype for Business services.

Effective business requires teams to enjoy unhindered collaboration and have the right tools to communicate with each other. In Skype, Microsoft has a communication tool that allows the users to keep in touch with their friends and family, regardless of where they are. On the other hand, enterprise users have the option of getting Skype for Business – a platform that offers business-based services to organizations with respect to communication.

The BlackBerry Priv is the first Android-powered BB smartphone and ever since its last year release, it has been gaining quite a significant traction. Now that the Canadian-based company has announced the Skype app for the Priv, it means the users of this device will now start enjoying the convenient productivity and collaboration on offer.

The Skype app lets the users of the Android-based BB phone know who among their friends is online and using the same app, users can easily attend meetings over the internet. The app allows the users to carry out meetings of up to 250 people from any location as long as they have access to stable internet.

What does Skype offer BlackBerry Priv users?

With the Skype app installed on your BlackBerry smartphone, you will be sure of talking with your fingers via its free instant messaging services. In addition, the app lets you call the world from your phone thanks to its free voice and video calling services.

In case your friend isn’t using Skype, there is room to call them on their phone number or landline at a small cost. Call charges vary depending on the region of the recipient. Even if you are using the Priv, there is nothing to worry about the device your friend on the other end is using – the app supports multiple devices.

Skype for Business is integrated into Microsoft Office apps on your phone and as such, it is easy to view your chat history via apps such as Outlook. In this way, you can schedule calls right from within the app. The enterprise platform also lets the users share and view presentations or files and given the security offered on this platform, you will be guaranteed that your data is extremely personal.

BlackBerry is known for its robust security protocols and its inclination towards business. Now that Skype for Business is available on the Priv, the two form a perfect combination with respect to productivity. BlackBerry has always remained to be a company of choice when it comes to serious communicators and now that Skype for Business is here, the business world will be further opened to enhance connection, communication and collaboration.

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