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With more than a billion created accounts, WeChat is fast growing in terms of popularity.

Recent stats indicate that WeChat has about 650 million monthly active users with about 70 million WeChat users located outside China.

Voice chats, broadcast messages, Walkie Talkie chats, voice and video calls are among the features that make this Tencent-owned communication service quite unique and popular amongst other messaging applications. Despite having been unveiled around 2011, WeChat is still recording a decent number of new users who wish to get in touch with their friends and families using the application.

As a standalone application, WeChat is available on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and also Android. Simple taps here and there will make you enjoy your experience on the app. New users as well as other original users, however, might encounter a problem when they need to get back or rather recover WeChat contacts on the iPhone 6.

Regular users who had uninstalled WeChat and got to reinstall the app, however, need not worry about their contacts since they will be auto-recovered as long as they log in with the initial WeChat sign-up account. There are instances where lost or deleted contacts are required and you need to restore them. For iPhone 6 users, there is another get-around to help you get your WeChat contacts.

iFonebox data recovery tool

Recovery of WeChat contacts on the iPhone 6 is easy with the assistance of data recovery software known as iFonebox. This tool is generally helpful in the recovery of WeChat contacts, text messages and photos from iTunes and iCloud backup from iPhone and iPad directly. When used, iFonebox recovers and restores data selectively without clearing any data on the iOS devices. In the initial process of data recovery, make sure to switch off your phone or turn on the Airplane mode and then backup your iPhone content. This prevents chances of desired or deleted data getting overwritten by newly added data.

Getting back your lost or deleted WeChat contacts

First and foremost, the recovery tool – iFonebox – needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC. Get the right version of the software depending on your PC; Mac or Windows OS. Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the PC. Run the iFonebox software by clicking on “Start” button and select iOS device recovery mode.

Select “WeChat Contacts” icon. This will prompt automatic scanning and analysis of all the contacts on the WeChat app. This will take some time since all the WeChat contacts’ data on the iPhone will be scanned.  After the automatic scanning is completed, you will be able to preview the recovered contacts and also have the chance to select the desired contacts that you wish to restore. Click on the “Recover to PC” button and you will have the deleted or lost WeChat contacts restored.

With the iFonebox tool, you can as well recover deleted WeChat contacts that were backed on iTunes or iCloud cloud storage. Select either the “Recover from iTunes Backup” or “Recover from iCloud Backup” option to enable the restoring of contacts from these either of these two platforms.

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