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The year 2015 was such a horrible one for Qualcomm as some of the biggest names in the industry shunned away from its Snapdragon 810 chipset for other versions.

LG, for instance, went for the older Snapdragon 808 chipset while Samsung went for its in-house Exynos 7 for their 2015 flagships. However, there is good news as these two companies will be rolling out 2016’s flagships with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset during the MWC 2016.

LG was the first to make the announcement, revealing that it will be taking to the podium beginning 2 pm on Sunday, February 21, with Qualcomm following the announcement with a retweet that included a the hashtag #Snapdragon820. As for Samsung, there is no mention of the specific time of when its event will kick off during the MWC; however, it is expected to hit the stage at around 7 pm.

Latest word on the street has it that Samsung will be announcing Galaxy S7 during this event, which will also be running on Snapdragon 820, but only on some units.

The relationship between these two entities – Samsung Galaxy S7 and Snapdragon 820 – may have gotten better given the reports that Qualcomm is using Samsung’s 14-nanomenter technology to manufacture the Snapdragon 820. This is the same technology that Samsung used on some of Apple’s A9 chips, and it still uses on its Exynos processors.

According to the latest stats, Qualcomm and Samsung are the two leading chip makers in the world and now that they are co-working on chips, it seems both have something huge to benefit from the partnership.

Cleaning the mess of Snapdragon 810

The imminent success of Snapdragon 820 follows the failure of Snapdragon 810 that saw Qualcomm record a dismal year in the market thanks to its overheating issues. As a result, the U.S. chip maker lost Samsung’s Galaxy S6 as well as LG’s G4 and V10 flagships.

However, 2016 seems to be destined for greatness as far as Qualcomm is concerned thanks to the fact that its latest chipset is already present in this year’s flagships manufactured by three of the top five leading smartphone manufacturers in the world – Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi. LG’s smartphone market has been growing negatively, but given its command in the high-end market, it will be an added advantage for Qualcomm’s reputation.

The Snapdragon 820 might welcome new features to the next set of Samsung and LG smartphones, with things like sensors under the screen, fingerprint scanner as well as much better antennas for improved reception.

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