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Google has released the Chrome version 48 for PC that comes with a new data saver extension. At the same time, the big search engine company has also released a Chrome version 48.0.2564.87 for iOS, which will significantly increase the speed and will reduce the crash rate.

Data Saver Extension

As the name suggests – “Data Saver Extension”, this new “tool” saves data. It uses the same compression technology that the “Data Saver Mode” has on the Android version of Chrome and at the same time it’s very effective on managing and cutting down bandwidth usage on metered connections. According to Google, the Data Saver Mode in Chrome for Android saves about 100 Terabytes of data a day, which is surely a LOT of data.

It seems that using the detail section from this new tool, the users will be able to get some useful information regarding how much data they’ve saved and see which websites are using most of the data.

iOS Speed Boost

If you are an iPad or iPhone owner and you’re using Chrome for iOS to browse online, then you will surely enjoy the speed and stability that the new application comes with. It seems that, from now on, the browser will use the advantage of Apple’s WKWebView.

According to some tests, the new Chrome version 48.0.2564.87 for iOS has reduced the crash rate by over 70% and it also boosted the speed of running JavaScript. Aside from this, the new version of Chrome comes with some new features which include some redesigned icons such as “New Tab Page” along with Spotlight integration.

It seems that Google is trying to improve its browser and please the needs of the users. We’re pretty sure that everyone will notice that the Google Chrome is faster and more stable than before. With other words, from now on, the users will surely think twice the next time when they will consider changing the Chrome browser for another one.